Tuesday, June 21, 2016


One distraction at time, the long waited for blog, now is open to public because of this one amazing post! Today we will be introducing our selves to you guys... Right NOW!!

I am Alyssa, a 10 year old girl that lives somewhere over the rainbow. 😝 Just kidding! Anyway, I will be doing blogs on here with my brother Robbie and my silly puppy😝. Here are a few things about me; my favorite hobbies are reading, video games, and cuddling my family. My favorite color is green and I love nature. I like turtles and trees and also, don't make fun of me, LOVE school. I might even code a game on here because I like to code and use my imagination. My favorite book is Mr. Lemoncello's Library, but I mainly love every book but that one is really good. Some of my main video games I play are Minecraft, Tomodachi Life, Terraria, and apps on my tablet. Currently I am writing a chapter book called Eagle Eyes. My favorite animal is a Red Fox, even though I don't know to much about them. Otherwise, it's defo a dog. I like to camp and to shop. One of my favorite TV shows is Brain Games. I like to keep a steady beat and love music. I sort of prefer music over PE but still am excited to do the PE games. I love art and have a Unikitty that I painted with my mom and hangs on my wall. I am defo not the most organized kid, but whatever. I love sports and play softball and soccer. I can improve in many ways but I still do it. I am pretty quick on my feet to, making me better at batting and running the base, and out running other people in soccer. I have a comic strip called The Amazing Adventures of Goldfish and Frog that I will be posting on our blog. My favorite board game is Munchin and my favorite card game is Machi Koro. I play the violin and have a mini business called One Scrap a Time that sells cat toys, Pick up pals, and eyeballs. Not creepy. That was were we got our name One Distraction at a Time. Kinda tells about us. Distractions... LOL. On our blog we will be doing book reviews, One Scrap at a Time related stuff, and other stuff. 

Hello there, people I don't even know who are reading our blog! My name is Robbie, and I have a very talkative sister, as you can probrobly tell from her bio. I'll tell you a little about myself (because I have to), but with brevity. I live on earth in a vaguely known plot of land called home. I'm a fairly introverted person, and as a result, kind of an outcast (everyone expects boys to be physical and social). I don't mind though. I've got books, video games, an awesome sister, an incredible mom, and my imagination. I like to put myself into different situations in my mind, almost always inspired by other things, like Star Wars and Minecraft. I'm a quick learner and am very organized, although I sometimes seem hard of hearing (which I'm not). I have a few friends, but all I need is my sister and parents. I hope that whoever is reading this comes back to our blog every once and a while to check back. Have an awesome day!

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Sorry about that mini bio. It was specially typed by Roco herself. But you probally can't read Roco talk so here is a translation of it.

Hi I am Roco. I like carrots. I like kissing people. Especially Robbie. I like to cuddle mommy. I wake Robbie up in the morning to do business I don't even need to do. I'm a dog yo. I love to sleep on Alyssa's lap when she reads. Will you pet me? If not I will turn you to ashes. Rar. -Roco (puppy)

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