Tuesday, June 28, 2016



     This new series will be about things to do without screens. In this series we will tell TRUE stories about things we did on our days we call NO SCREEN DAYS. This will be our first story and will be telling about the kite flying.

Kite Flying Morning
and Windy Frisbee

      We were at a beach and took out our kites. My kite was a Giant Panda. Remember Giant Pandas are endangered, so lets keep an eye on our furry friends. Robbie's was a frog and to go deeper into detail, it was a frog with a long tail. The kite often swooped and dived. My Panda kite was a kite (LOL) and had about 5 steamer like things dangling off. It seemed more balanced than the frog but could of just caught the breeze. 

As my mom and I ran up the small  hill, I gripped my kite handle and ran as Mom shouted "GO!!!!!!". As my kite began to search for a breeze like Sherlock Holmes, It began to dip. I freaked out and began to back up and release more string. Truly I don't know if I was doing it right, but my kite began to rise and let out more. It then started drooping again and I managed to get it back up and the cycle continued for what felt like years but was only minutes. "This is so fun! People should do this more often!" I exclaimed. We did this for almost an hour. 

Robbie tripped once and we got it really high! But I was exhausted so I went and put my kite away. "Hey Lyssie! Catch!" Mom said as she launched the Frisbee at me. I caught it as I moved to the side, into the path of the Frisbee. I through it back expertly, but that darn wind! It went what looked like miles away as my mom went to catch it. "Oops!" I said, my brain blushing. Windy day. No wonder it was a good day for kites! Not so much for Frisbee. 

As Robbie came on over with his kite in triumph, Mom got distracted an almost hit the car throwing the Frisbee. I ran over to grab the Frisbee and hopped into the car. "I flew my kite the highest" Robbie was probably thinking. He even flew higher than Mom! I sighed as I hopped into my booster seat (Yes, yes I know I'm in 4th grade. I'm just short!). I got buckled, leaned my head back, and thought, "What a fun morning!"


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