Tuesday, July 5, 2016


Restaurant: Pike Place Chowder
Location: Pacific Place Shopping Center, 4th floor, Seattle

This photo of Pike Place Chowder is courtesy of TripAdvisor

Address: Pacific Place Center • 600 Pine St. 4th Floor • Seattle, WA 98101
Type: Rings and Tentacles
Name: Fried Calarmari
Price: Just under $11.00 (not including tax)

                  Calamari Conquest: Alyssa's Point of View.
                                The Calamari was very good and not to crisp but not to soft. Comes with Cajun Aioli (dipping sauce). The calamari looks like rings and tentacle squid things. The Calamari also comes with seasoned fries, which personally isn't really my favorite. I would give this 4 squids (AKA stars)


                 Calamari Conquest: Robbie's Point of View.

                            The calamari at Pike Place Chowder was some of the most delicious tentacle and ring calamari that I've ever had! Other than the few burnt ones, only one or two, all of the pieces were tender, crisp, and prepared almost to perfection! The meal also comes with seasoned fries (delicious) and aioli, which makes the calamari even more delicious. I highly recommend stopping by this place if you're passing through the area.


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